Sunday, November 6, 2016

Violence and Flesh (Alfredo Sternheim, 1981)

Don't you just hate it when a movie doesn't list the names of actors and the roles they play? Well, that's exactly what Violence and Flesh (Violência na Carne) does and I'm not too happy about it. Sure, I might have been able to piece it all together if I was at all familiar with Brazilian celebrities from the late 1970s/early '80s. But I'm not. So, that means I'm going to have to give names to the eleven or so characters who populate this film's cramped universe. The first six characters we meet are a trio of criminals, who, from the looks of it, just broke out of prison and/or robbed a bank, and two lesbians and their lean live-in boy-toy. Now, the lean live-in boy-toy is going to be called just that, "Lean Live-in Boy-Toy." Did you just ask, why? Okay, well. Um. He's lean, oh, man, is he ever lean. He's a boy. And he lives in a house with two lesbians (I'll explain the "toy" part later on, if there's time). At any rate, instead calling the lesbians, long-haired lesbian and short-haired lesbian, I've decided to call the long-haired lesbian, "Staunch Lesbian," 'cause she seems more invested in her Samba-soaked brand of lesbianism, and the short-haired lesbian, "Reluctant Lesbian," 'cause she comes across a tad less, oh, how should I put this... (Less dykey?) Um, no. Well, yes. I was thinking more along the lines of "less lesbiany." Either way. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. When the film opens, the Staunch Lesbian and the Reluctant Lesbian are smooshing their tan-line adorned bodies against one another for strictly orgasm-related purposes, while the Lean Live-in Boy-Toy is doing Brazilian yoga on the beach.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned trio of crooks are planning their getaway. Since they set their getaway car on fire (with one of their partners in crime in it), they need to find a new set of wheels. And they find some when they steal the car belonging Hand Wound McGillicuddy. What's that? Why did I call him that? Let's see. He sports a hand wound throughout the film and I like the name "McGillicuddy." It's that simple.

As for the criminals themselves. This was a little more complicated. I was going to name their idealistic leader, "Reluctant Rapist." But I don't think that properly reflects his character. No, I'm thinking that the leader of this band of misfits and ne'er–do–wells should be called the "Doomed Dreamer." Mainly because he desperately wants Brazil to be better country. But forces beyond his control seem determined not to allow this happen.

The other two were easy to name, as they wear their heinousness on their sleeves. While the Doomed Dreamer is a complex idealist with a conscience, Redneck Raúl and Brazilian Peter Lorre are pretty much rapists and murderers. Though to fair, Brazilian Peter Lorre does take a moment, in-between raping the Lean Live-in Boy-Toy, to talk about his mother, which was on the cusp of being touching and junk. However, make no mistake, these two are the worst humanity has to offer.

As bad luck would have it, the Doomed Dreamer, Redneck Raúl and Brazilian Peter Lorre (with Hand Wound McGillicuddy in tow) show up at the door of the Staunch and Reluctant Lesbians. In an act selflessness, the Lean Live-in Boy-Toy tells the Lesbians to hide before the crooks come bursting in. Unfortunately, their ruse doesn't last long, as Brazilian Peter Lorre eventually finds the lesbians hiding in a closet.

The reason the fugitives decide to hold up at this particular beach house is because they're expecting a boat to come ashore that will hopefully whisk them away to freedom.

Since you can't really have a home invasion with only six characters (well, I suppose you could...), we're introduced to three more. Two women and a man, the women are both actresses, both brunette and both possess shapely booties. That being said, they do have distinctive personalities. I've chosen to call brunette #1 "Juanita Stockholm" because she falls in love with the Doomed Dreamer.

As for brunette #2. I was going call her Miss Yellow Dress, for obvious reasons. But then she goes ahead and changes into a tight pair of white satin disco pants midway through the movie. So, yeah. How 'bout this, I'll call her Miss Yellow Dress. But just remember that she changes into a pair of tight white satin disco pants later on.

Did anyone else let out an audible gasp when it's revealed that the yellow dress that Miss Yellow Dress is wearing is actually two pieces? Call me, oh, I don't know, fashionably challenged, but I could have sworn that it was one piece. As per usual, I kept imagining what I would look like in the dress. Despite the fact that yellow isn't my colour (even though marigold, butterscotch and canary are in right now), I decided... (What about the guy the actresses was with?)

Who? (You mentioned a man.) Oh, him. Fuck that guy. (I agree. But still, you should name him.) Okay, fine. The guy traveling with Juanita Stockholm and Miss Yellow Dress is "Johnny Not Raped."

Now, let's get back to that dress, shall we? Can you believe it wasn't one piece? I mean, I was, like, whoa. I did not see that coming. (Why is he called, "Johnny Not Raped"?) Well, if you must know. All the guy does for the entire movie is whine and complain, yet he's the only one who isn't assaulted. Hell, even Hand Wound McGillicuddy is shot in the hand, and he's forced to watch his beloved boy-toy raped by Brazilian Peter Lorre.

And get this, Johnny Not Raped has the nerve to blame Miss Yellow Dress for being raped. I know, what an asshole. Men who blame women for being raped are pure scum. So, fuck you, Johnny Not Raped. You worthless piece of shit.

Does Hand Wound McGillicuddy blame Lean Live-in Boy-Toy for his rape? Of course he doesn't.

Goddamn it! Just thinking about Johnny Not Raped is making my blood boil.

Yeah, I know. I should reserve some vitriol for Redneck Raúl and Brazilian Peter Lorre. But those two are unabashed low-lifes. In that, I expect them to be cruel and heartless. Johnny Not Raped, on the other hand, is supposed to be a good guy. Ahhhhh! This movie is so awesome, yet so awful at the same time.

Speaking of awful, Redneck Raúl and Juanita Stockholm prove once and for all that overalls look terrible on both men and women equally. Unless you're pitching hay, I don't want to see you in overalls. Wait. Six on Blossom can wear 'em. But that's it! No more overalls in non-farm, non-Blossom environments.

In conclusion (yeah, I'm afraid I'm done writing about this movie), Violence and Flesh is an excellent slab of Brazilian exploitation. Sure, it's basically a home invasion flick. But it's got enough unique flourishes to make it worthwhile. I'd recommend watching it alongside the sleaze-tastic Bare Behind Bars. Which is not only one of the best women in prison films ever made, it's Brazilian as well. Oh, and since there are no clips or trailers for this film on youtube (which is odd, as I thought everything was on youtube), I've decided to embed this clip from Bare Behind Bars instead. Edit: The entire thing can be found here.


  1. Looks positively horrible. I must find this movie!

    1. Last House on the Left... with big Brazilian booties.