Friday, February 15, 2019

Gash (Usama Alshaibi, 2008)

Always writhing, always opening their oral cavities in ways that are clearly unorthodox.

This is Gash... and there is a gash.

It's on Katinka's pelvis.

It's pretty infected...

The gash, that is.

Wait. Is that a dental mouth opener?

"It's all relative to the size of your steeple."


You know what else is cool?

(Your legs encased in black stockings?)

Well, yeah. But I was thinking about... "Gashed Senses and Crossfire" by Front Line Assembly.

At any rate, I love it when Usama Alshaibi uses props in his movies.

Do you remember that knife from Slaughtered Pigtails? I was comforted by its appearance, as it was something I could relate to.

Well, I felt the same way about the dental mouth opener.

The dental mouth opener caused Katinka to lose control of her saliva.

And since I like saliva... I nodded approvingly.

I think there's only one more of these things left.


  1. Just like to say it's good to have you back. These Alshaibi pieces are highly entertaining. And nice job working in the Manson reference.