Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Organ Molly (Usama Alshaibi, 2008)

I just watched Molly Plunk lounge irregularly on a mattress to organ music.


Molly has organs but they're inside her body for the duration of this film.

Just in case her skin fails to prevent her organs from spilling out, she has in·gen·ious·ly chosen to encase her lower half in multiple pairs of pantyhose.

Quirky fun-fact: Whenever I used to type the word "pantyhose," a wave of perversion would wash over my aura like a shame-soaked tsunami. But nowadays I can type "pantyhose" with a buttery ease.

Isn't that interesting?

(It's on the cusp of being interesting. Meaning, it's sort of interesting)

Anyway, Molly seems to be having fun... you know, with the semi-naked writhing and all.

It's like a peep show loop from 1969/1970. But with delusions of artfulness.

Word on the street is that Molly was paid in burritos to be in this film.

One burrito at the beginning of filming, another burrito upon completion.   

Truth be told, I spent the bulk of the film trying to imagine how severe Molly's future hysterectomy scar is going to be.

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