Monday, August 25, 2008

Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again (Jerry Belson, 1982)

One of the giddiest, most hyperactive films I've seen in quite some time, Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again, the scatter-shot comedy loosely based on a novel by some asshole named Robert Louis Stevenson, caused the left side of my thoracic cavity to ache as I foolishly tried to prevent myself from laughing in an exuberant manner. (What can I say? I have super-thin walls and have always respected the nocturnal slumbering habits of my neighbours.) Seriously, though, the film's rapid fire jokes (every frame is guaranteed to be filled with something stupid) and overall politically incorrectness (two sentient African-American lawn jockeys are indifferent to a Caucasian man's ledge-based peril) had me rocking back-and-forth in the foetal position. Trying my best to wipe the self-satisfied grin off my face, the film force fed me the funny.  The story, as one would expect, revolves around dedicated surgeon Dr. Jekyll and his desire to further understand humanities more animalistic side. However, since it's 1982, and no one wants to see a movie about top hat and cloak-wearing dandy lurching down the foggy streets of London, this film's integrity plagued doctor doesn't just transform into some boring dickweed with a serious case of the grumpies. Uh-uh, his alter ego is an ultra-horny, cocaine-addicted (magic pimp powder), racially insensitive car thief with an extreme penchant for horseradish, chicken sushi, and sheer pantyhose. The electrified hairdo, the gold tooth with the word "love" engraved on it, and an unfaltering erection also add to Hyde's unique allure. The strange dichotomy between the two sides of Jekyll and Hyde's personality is also reflected in the ladies the kooky twosome choose to fondle and eat dinner with on a regular basis.

On the one lube-covered hand, Dr. Jekyll's fiancé Mary (a sexy Bess Armstrong) has a relatively bland temperament and seems to have a bit of an elitist air about her (equestrian will do that). While, on the other, more-or-less lube-free hand, Mr. Hyde's special lady friend, Ivy (an even sexier Krista Errickson) fronts a new wave band (The Shitty Rainbows), is only mildly averse to fornicating in the produce isle, and enjoys playing Pac-Man.

Of course, watching the jewelry adorned Mr. Hyde behave spastic in public and stalk Ivy in the vicinity of boxes of Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops is way more entertaining than watching Jekyll help those in distress.

Nevertheless, the sight of the hangover-ridden Dr. J jumping alongside Mary's horse did bring a figurative tear to my eye. Which is something I didn't expect in a movie that features a bra and pantie sporting Tim Thomerson and close-up shots that emphasize the soothing depth of Cassandra Peterson's cleavage.

Giving one of the most manic performances in comedy history, Mark Blankfield (Angel III: The Final Chapter) puts the "maimed cock" in cockamamie. The success of this idiotic endeavour rests solely on the bony shoulders of the curly haired comedian, and never have I seen someone succeed so righteously at bringing the zany to such a satisfying simmer.

A teaching tool for those interested in learning how to act like a complete and utter jackass on-screen, Mark's stellar work as the pimp-tastic miscreant, in my sheltered, Shetland pony humping mind, is a work of buffoonish art. Each convulsion, pelvic thrust, and irresponsible line uttered seemed so meticulously crafted, that it was like watching a master chef make a mediocre quiche taste like professional intercourse. Yeah, he's that good.

Hands down, one of the funniest pieces of filmed entertainment I have seen all week.

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  1. Hey I seen this movie as a kid and never forgot it, And recently my brother found it on ebay and bought it, made me a copy and I just finished laughing my ass off again!!!!

    I love this movie, its one of the funniest movies in the most "stupidest" way :-)