Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Traumata (Usama Alshaibi, 2005)

Yeah, I can totally relate to this... I wore a blister bandage on my back for a full year.

(You had a blister on your back?)

No, don't be silly. I used a blister bandage because I had read that this particular type of blister bandage was the best at absorbing evil spirits from the human body.

And since I own a human body, I thought they would be perfect.

I stopped wearing blister bandages on my back about a month ago, and, I have to say, I feel pretty good. I'm definitely less agitated. 

Anyway, Traumata features a young woman, who probably isn't Ukrianian...  Chuvash, perhaps? ...played by Sarah Lynn... standing naked covered in bruises and bandages for two minutes.

It's like a Richard Kern movie, but without Lydia Lunch's meaty thighs to distract you.

Just repetitive punk music (Custom Car Commandos... Kenneth Anger reference) and a pair of sullen eyes staring back at you.

Injury chic.

Wound porno.

Do you or a recently deceased loved one have a tourniquet fetish and a short attention span? Then do I have the movie for you...

(What movie would that be?)

Um, the one I'm currently writing about, dumbass.

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  1. there is a Polish collective called Suka Off into performance, photography and video making. I think you will find interesting their work (the uncensored version). you are the last remaining guilty pleasure in my blogworld