Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blood Mania (Robert Vincent O'Neill, 1970)

Have you ever murdered a family member for monetary gain, only to find out that there is no monetary to gain? It's an embarrassing situation and the main predicament of one of the characters in Blood Mania (a.k.a. Pornomania), a sleazy film by Robert Vincent O'Neill (Angel and Avenging Angel). You'll notice I didn't say, "delightfully sleazy," like I normally would. Well, that's because it's mildly incompetent and extremely dull in places. Struggling early on after wowing us with a stylish opening titles sequence, the film seems to meander aimlessly, not knowing what kind of picture it wants to be. I mean, it can't seen to decide if it wants to be a serious-minded psychological thriller or a sordid sex romp. Either way, there's little joy to be found in this weird mix of gothic horror and kinky sex during the early going. Of course, the groovy Wurlitzer-fueled soundtrack by Don Vincent is one of the things I did enjoy, as it dominates the proceedings at every turn, with its pornographic rhythms and pulsating electronics. The film does, however, improve once the madness kicks in, but I was pretty much disinterested by then. This madness reveals itself when Victoria (Maria De Aragon), an unbalanced brunette, finds out she's been left out of his father's will, and that the majority of his fortune is going to her long lost sister Gail (Vicki Peters), a brainless blonde. She should feel slighted, after all, she took care of her father while Gail was in New York cavorting with Kate (Jaqueline Daya), her lesbian gal pal.

It's true, Victoria did kill her father with amyl nitrite (death by what sounds like an early Suede album), but the funny thing is the money wasn't even for her.

You see, Victoria snuffed him for the benefit of Dr. Craig Cooper (Peter Carpenter), whose abortionist past was about to be exposed by a shifty blackmailer. Unfortunately, on top of being demented and homicidal, the fact that Victoria is now cash deprived causes the horny doctor to look toward Gail for his sex and money needs. As one would expect, Victoria is not too pleased by this unfair turn of events.

In typing that overlong plot description, I couldn't help but feel a tingling sensation whenever I'd type the name "Victoria." Sensuously deranged and sporting a darker than normal allure, Maria De Aragon is outstanding as the wannabe heiress. Naked when she has to be, cuckoo at the drop of a hat, and always trashy, the lithesome actress (who apparently played Greedo in something called, get this, "Star Wars") is the best thing about Blood Mania. The way she maniacally expressed her frustration upon learning about her non-inheritance was a thing of unhinged beauty.

I'll probably forget about this film over time, but the look on Miss De Aragon's face as she cranked up the crazy will be with me for quite some time.



  1. Hello there. I did not have your email address. I put you up on my Dardos Award list. If you are interested, see the post here. I always enjoy your blog. Play along if you like. --Darius

  2. The Dardos, eh? Cool.

    Oh, and I added Dirty & Nerdy to my blog list. :)

    (The Ava Rose post won me over.)

  3. Don't you just hate that new YouTube feature that puts the title at the top of the embedded video? I do.

    For what it's worth, I enjoyed the "overlong plot description." The film sounds convoluted enough to warrant it.

    Early Suede album? Ha!

    Star Wars people are weird!

  4. I was all like: great, now how am I supposed to trick people into watching Haylie Duff videos? So, yeah, I'm not a fan of this new feature, either.

    At least get rid of the star rating.

    Yay! Overlong plot description enjoyment.

  5. Oh, and speaking Star Wars, "On the dark side, oh yeah" That's right, "The dark side's callin' now, nothin' is real"