Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (Clay Borris, 1992)

Some hated the fact that the series had turned into a full-blown comedy with Prom Night III: The Last Kiss, a film where a Canadian heavyweight boxing legend is killed with an electric egg beater. Well, not me. However, after the unapologetic stupidity of the third chapter, it was the only logical direction the series could have taken. So, it makes perfect sense that Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil would be so serious-minded when it came to doling out prom-based chills and thrills. In fact, the fourth film is so somber, that it literally bypasses the prom altogether (the film is still technically set on prom night). You could take the scene where the four protagonists drive past the prom (the guys moon the prom goers assembled outside) as a slap in the face to the fans of the prom night movie franchise, but I've not chosen not to do it. The series instead decides to reconnect with its slasher roots and concentrates on the pious misadventures of a psychopathic priest named Father Jonas (James Carver). Which means no Mary Lou Maloney and definitely no more demonic hobby horses; in fact, the supernatural angle of the last two chapters has been dropped entirely. Nope, this sequel is purely about the stalking sinful teenagers. Which include the virginal Meagan (Nicole de Boer), the easy-going Laura (Joy Tanner), and their justifiably horny boyfriends, Mark and Jeff (to be honest, I couldn't really tell the difference between these guys, but, either way, they're played by J.H. Wyman and Alle Ghadban).

They've decided to skip the prom in order to enjoy a booze and sex-fueled evening at a large isolated house in the woods. The bulk of the film takes place at this house, and is pretty effective in a Black Christmas kinda of way; lot's of P.O.V. shots, heavy breathing, and the use of a creepy attic. Though, I could have done without Laura's exhaustive wood run; a drawn out sequence involving a platinum blonde Joy Tanner retrieving firewood in a skimpy dress. Sure, it sounds sexy on paper, but did she have to stay out there for so long?

The gorgeous Nicole de Boer (credited here as 'Nikki') is pint-sized hunk of Toronto-reared adorableness as Meagan, a girl who discovers the power of lingerie thanks to her more experienced friend. The actress best known for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and for being one of the few women to appear regularly on Kids in the Halls (Laura!) is scrumptious treat in this standard slashing affair.

The lesbian-tinged lingerie dress-up session Nicole de Boer shares with Joy Tanner is a perverts dream come true.

Sporting a pair of tan stockings (which are slipped on her stockings in a highly seductive manner) with a white garter belt , Nicole coyly teases the audience with her diminutive brand of hotness.

I loved Joy's explanation to Nicole as to why they have to wear lingerie underneath their clothes: "Guys are so sleazy, it's great."

Realizing that the entire film can't be Nicole de Boer and Joy Tanner trying on lingerie for ninety minutes straight (even though I would totally watch that movie), the makers of Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil decide it's time to stalk horny teenagers. Wearing a short blue dress that accentuated the dangling nature of her exquisite gams, Nicole de Boer spends most of the film running from a psychotic killer. A mild yawn.

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