Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some Kind of Wonderful (Howard Deutch, 1987)

Caressing the outer reaches of my spiritual stratosphere, Some Kind of Wonderful (a.k.a. Ist Sie Nicht Wunderbar) is an enchanting movie that I've seen around twenty times. Hell, probably more -- you know, if you consider the fact that I used to watch it once a week back in the summer of 1989. Anyway, every time I take this love-triangle-tinged masterpiece for a spin, I feel enriched like you wouldn't believe. I mean, the wide-eyed impishness that takes place between the characters in this magical film just makes me feel super-terrific afterward. The plot, written by the legendary John Hughes, is intricate and puzzle-like in its complexity, but I'll try to break it down for ya: Keith (Eric Stoltz), a shy art lover/gas station employee, is romantically interested in the leggy Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), a striking young lady with a penchant for shiny jewelry. Unfortunately, she's going out with Hardy (Craig Sheffer), a professional asshole who treats her like a puddle of lumpy sick. Complicating things even further is Keith's best friend Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson), a tomboyish drummer, who appears to have major feelings for him. This, of course, is obvious to almost everyone except Keith.

Instead of covering the entire film (like I said, I've seen it multiple times), I'll just focus on a couple of things:

The showstopping practice smooch between Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterson that takes place in that filthy auto garage is without a doubt my all-time favourite movie kiss. The way Keith nervously approaches Watts as she sits invitingly on the hood of that car establishes the scenes smouldering hotness from the get go. She starts off by instructing him to place his greasy hands on he hips, and she in turn, puts her arms around his neck (the frays that dangle from her fingerless leather gloves gently caress his back). The playful yet deadly serious Watts then tells Keith to look into her eyes. He laughs awkwardly, but she quickly chides him, and they both get back to focusing on the task at hand.

She positions her head on an angle, tells him to close his eyes, and proceeds to move her supple mouth towards his quivering lips. The moment their mouths touch sends shock waves through their adolescent loins and the volume to Stephen Duffy's "She Loves Me" increases slightly on the soundtrack. Their grip on each other tightens and the camera spins around them, creating a dizzying affect. It soon becomes clear that Watts and Keith are not practicing anymore, as she begins to straddle him and his hands begin press her hips more firmly as their gaping maws begin to coexist as one. They both seem to notice the heightened affectionateness and abruptly disengage their mouths. Thus ending the greatest onscreen movie kiss the world has ever seen.

(I've got this sudden urge to smoke a cigarette.)

Also, the begrudgingly sweet relationship between Keith and his bratty sister, Laura (the always awesome Maddie Corman), kinda made me go "awww." As it's one of the most realistic portrayals of sibling angst I've ever seen. And Elias Koteas steals plenty of scenes, and hearts (a friend of mine worships Elias in this movie) as Duncan, the rambunctious skinhead with a heart of gold. If only the skinheads I knew in high school were this friendly and reasonable.

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  2. Hey, Mr. d.

    I'm still in the process of transferring my entries from RT, but I should start uploading new stuff soon.

  3. Is that a reference to me or do you surround yourself with Duncan-lovin' friends? :)

    Watts was the character that inspired me to coin the term "best friend girl" - the lovable, reliable character of either gender (Watts, Ducky, Brian Krakow, etc.) who sufferes unrequited love for the protagonist (Keith, Andie, Angela Chase) who loves some unworthy creature (Amanda Jones, Blane, Jordan Catalano).

  4. Yeah, it must be reference to you. I mean, I can't think anyone else who has a thing for the lovable skinhead. :)

  5. I just saw this for the first time.

    Yes, the kissing scene is hot hot hot. It's one of the sexiest scenes ever.

    Anyhow, great film. Probably my favorite of Hughes & Co's teen films other then the "big three" (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Beuller, and honestly, it's probably at least close to equal.

  6. All right, another SKOW fan is born.